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Skopje is a very interesting place to visit and many people do not know about the country and the capital—the city is booming with new construction works and many interesting monuments which are hard to understand or learn without an experience guide, so the guide service is the must. Lence may also advice you on many other options and local travels, even to the neighboring less exciting places like Pristina in Kosovo or much more exciting country side and great nature. I enjoyed the visit very much !!!

Yuri Kivshar

Kosovo and Ohrid Discover

Lence is very professional, speaks fluent English, and tells great jokes. As a local national, Lence is very informative and answered any questions we had. She took her job as guide seriously and was very concerned about our comfort and safety throughout the trip. On our day trip to Kosovo, Lences's nephew accompanied us, and he was simply a delight. Her nephew speaks impeccable English and it was nice to have a group of four. Lence took us to local eateries and even bartered with shopkeepers for us.

Megan Marfione

Macedonia Skopje Matka lake Discovery Tour

I hired her way before arriving in Skopie mostly to drive me to Voden but after I met her in Skopje I knew she was the right person so I hired her for two more days. She has tones of experience in tourism, very familiar with Macedonia and its neighbours countries and willing to compromise and accommodate her clients no matter. After closing her official job Lence never stopped working she worked several jobs to provide for her family; she is an independent personal tour guide based in Skopje, speaks fluently English and for those who would like to visit Macedonia really see Macedonia I would strongly advise you to get in touch with her, can be easily found on Facebook under her name. For 20 years services Lence Mrgja worked for UN, NATO and US Embassy. Graduated in International Tourism, and has Licenses from Faculty of Tourism. She is a Member of the Association of Macedonian Tour Guides.

Niki Lazarova,
Torfuks, Norway
August 2013

Tour Guide Trip in Macedonia

I would like to tell you a little about our wonderful Tour Guides in Macedonia in July 2013.

The van left at 8:00 a.m. from a village near Lerin, going to Ohrid, Macedonia. The top of the beautiful national park Galichica gives an unforgettable view of the two lakes by the towns of Ohrid and Prespa. We stopped at St. Naum, a unique monastery complex dating from the 11th century and took a walk by the springs surrounded by lovely flowers, heard about the groundwater and on a small rowing-boat listened to the guide who even sang to us to reflect the beauty of this gorgeous place, famous of its swans and impressive scenery. Still hypnotized by the beauty of the nature, we continued to Ohrid so to stay at a hotel in the first row, and listen to the music of the lake waves singing in the night.

The next day, we started our tour with the visit of the Tsar Samoil Tower built in the 11th century, finding out from our English speaking guide that there is also an amphitheatre for holding concerts nowadays. There are so many churches near the Tower, and you cannot stop admiring the architecture and the stories about all of the m. The famous house of Robevci (which is a museum) proudly stands to fight the time and the weather, attracting the eyes of so many visitors during the summer. There was so much to see and not enough time to experience this gorgeous part of Macedonia. It simply invites you back and you promise yourself that you will.

The next day, we started our trip to Skopje, and stopped to visit the canyon of the lake Matka, on a small boat toward the caves. As we finished this amazing tour, we continued to the centre of Skopje, going up to the Millennium Cross in a cable-car and enjoying the view of Skopje.

By the afternoon, we got to our hotel, had a break and then continued to visit the Museum of Skopje, the House of Mother Theresa and all the monuments on the City Square, such as the Soldier on the horse that is really magnificent. Our day ended with the story about the five centuries old Stone Bridge.

The following day, we went to the Kale Fortress, the St.Spas church and the ethnological, visited Daut Pasin Amam and the Old Bazaar. We took some beautiful pictures of all the places we visited (we actually saw more than we initially planned).

It is worth mentioning that all our visits were well organized, in timely manner, and Lence Mrgja, our guide was so well informed, resourceful and did her job as a real professional. On our way to Greece, we visited the Elenovi Winery and the villa that was built ages ago by a former king Laradorge for his wife Marija. We had a specially prepared lunch in the park where the peacocks beautify the surrounding and happily greeted us. The food was delicious, organic and traditionally cooked which really impressed us. The winery also organized a wine tasting, including the wonderful Macedonian wines so much famous for their flavor and bouquet. We were accompanied by an experienced and a very kind driver and everything was organized on the highest level. I have to admit that it gives me a reason to visit Macedonia again. I would really recommend everyone to visit this biblical country for it leaves you with the impression that you will miss so much if you don’t come to Macedonia. It will capture your hearts and will leave you with memories you would cherish forever, wishing to come again and again.

Linda Stamko

About me


Lives in: Skopje, Macedonia


  • Bulgarian (fluent)
  • English (fluent)
  • Russian (fluent)
  • Serbo-Croatian (fluent)

Credentials: Diploma Faculty of Tourism.
Certificates for tourist guide and companion with English and Russian languages, issued by Faculty for tourism.
Certificate for safe driver from US Embassy.
References from United Nations and NATO.
USA driver license and UN driver license for B and C category.
First Aid.

My name is Lence, and Iam an independent personal tour guide based in Skopje, Macedonia. I work with small groups, maximum eight people, in order to give exclusive service to each of my customers. I am fluent in English, Serbocroatian, Bulgarian and Russian. With over 20 years of local guiding experience, I have a complete knowledge of Macedonia - its history and legends, its traditions and culture. I organize private tours with free vehicle for transport, door to door, back 100% customized and tailored to your tastes and needs, all around Balkan, providing exceptional service, assisting rent of vehicles and apartments, at prices to meet every budget!

My services were used during my 20 years work for UN, NATO and US Embassy. I am graduated in International Tourism, and Licenses from Faculty of Tourism. Member of the Association of Macedonian Tour Guides. I have gained the experience of creating tailor made itineraries and/or routes, professionally organize and do individual tours around Macedonia and Balkan countries, with accommodation (hotels, private apartments, bed and breakfast, or all inclusive}or with out accommodation, acting both as a driver using for free own AC vehicles, and a tour guide and companion. My services include guiding, - giving the travelers rich historical and cultural information about the whole of Balkan Area, driving, - providing airport transfers, as well as transfers to Macedonia neighboring countries - Sophia (Bulgaria), Istanbul (Turkey), Thessaloniki (Greece), Skopje, Ohrid, Belgrade (Serbia).

Organizing all trips for small groups (8 people), for bigger groups arranging visit in cooperation with licensed travel agency. The journey is the pleasure . . . Macedonia (the land of the Bible) is the unforgettable positive experience. Travel is with cooperation with rental-car